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Happy news | Yu Xin machine, opened a new bureau, Hubei Tourism shares won a number of honors
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2020年,Under the right leadership at group headquarters,Under the strong support of various functional departments and brotherly units,The company earnestly implements the group's strategy of "main business on the main board",Around the central task of listing,Adhere to the leadership of party building,Enhance corporate governance capabilities;Seize the opportunity,Gradually promote the listing declaration work,Fully carry out marketing revenue performance,We have won both epidemic prevention and control and business development,Won the "four hard battles" of fighting epidemic, fighting flood, fighting poverty and declaring listing。

On March 8, Hubei women from all walks of life held a conference in Wuhan to commemorate the 111th anniversary of International Women's Day。At the meeting, 49 collectives and 80 individuals were commended, and Xu Jun, general manager of the company, was awarded the title of "Hubei Province March 8 Red Flag Bearer" in 2020。

Recently, Lu Lin won the Hubei Travel Investment GroupNomination Award for "The Most Beautiful Travel Investor" in 2020。As the manager of the ropeway operation Department, Lu Lin is loyal to the party, loves learning, has firm ideals and beliefs, always delves into professional theoretical knowledge, and has cultivated a group of "understanding people" and "experts" in the ropeway industry.。Because of the special industry,It has long been necessary to work in remote areas of high mountains and valleys,Under such circumstances,Lulin did it for eight years,He leads a team,Freezing cold,In the heat of summer,Keep an eye on the project construction progress,Participate in major drill activities,We are moving forward fearlessly in the fight against the epidemic,Innovative and promising in the recovery after the epidemic,In the service of grassroots dedication,His body is filled with the courage, perseverance and confidence of the people of Hubei。

Honor belongs to the past, struggle to win the future。Hubei Tourism shares will beThe tenacity of "insist that the mountains do not relax", the perseverance of "do not break the Loulan will not return", the courage to take on the responsibility, grasp the implementation, seize the momentum and seek a breakthrough, work hard to open a new bureau, steadily move forward toward the goal of listing the main board, and meet the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party with more excellent results。