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The first ground sightseeing cable car in Hubei province has been put into operation at the Enshi Grand Canyon scenic spot
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April 27, Hubei provinceThe province's first ground sightseeing cable car-- Enshi Grand Canyon ground cable car officially put into operation。

Enshi Grand Canyon ground cable car is currently the world's largest volume, the most advanced technology, the fastest running ground sightseeing cable car, is also the first ground cable car in Hubei Province, the full set of equipment are provided by the French Poma company。

Cable car line: Visitor Center-- Ground slit square。The total length is 1028 meters, the maximum operating speed is 12 meters/second, and the design capacity is 4,100 people/hour。Design the upper and lower two stations。

Cable car location: Located between the Daughter Lake Visitor Center and the passenger ropeway station, it is the main means of transportation into the earth Seam scenic spot and the Qixingzhai scenic spot。

Expected effect: After the cable car is put into operation, it will improve the traffic capacity of Enshi Grand Canyon scenic spot, break the traffic bottleneck of tourists to the scenic spot, greatly improve the service reception capacity and security level of the scenic spot, so that tourists can enjoy the beauty of tourism brought by science and technology。

On the same day, Enshi Daxia Valley Daughter Village resort Town (Phase II commercial street) and the new visitor center were put into use simultaneously。前者Set dining, accommodation, conference, shopping, cultural experience, performing arts entertainment, landscape leisure, health resort and other functions in one, with all kinds of landscape rooms295 sets, commercial street construction area of 6000 square meters, canyon style restaurant can accommodate more than 700 people at the same time。The latter occupies 2.430,000 square meters,The total construction area is 3046 square meters,It is composed of ticket hall, film and television center and museum, planning exhibition hall, cable car waiting lounge, scenic command and data center, office area, medical center and other infrastructure,It is a comprehensive service hub integrating ticket purchase, consultation, storage, rest, intelligent tour and transfer for tourists。

Zhou Yongbiao, chairman of EnLV Group and Hubei Tourism Shares, introduced that since the acquisition and reorganization of Enshi Grand Canyon scenic spot by Hubei Tourism Investment Group, the cumulative investment has been close2 billion yuan promoted the upgrading of the scenic spot, and was promoted to the national 5A scenic spot in 2015. The number of tourists increased from 300,000 to 1.5 million, driving the rapid development of the economy around the scenic spot. Enshi Grand Canyon has become the "fourth growth pole" after "one river and two mountains" in Hubei Province.。Enshi Grand Canyon ground cable car, Daughter Village resort Town phase II, the new visitor center has been upgraded, making the scenic area look new。

next,Enlv Group and E&T will actively integrate high-quality resources,Do a good job in planning scenic spots,Optimize the spatial layout of scenic spots,Enrich the industrial chain,Strengthen multi-party cooperation,We will promote the development of high-quality scenic spots and develop high-quality cultural tourism destinations,To provide the market with more competitive tourism products and more high-quality tourism routes,Promote the main board listing of Hubei Tourism shares,Go all out to build"Better Life Service Provider"。