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Strengthen education and training, improve the overall quality -- the ropeway operation department actively carries out new staff training
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近日,As an important supplement to the ropeway technical strength, the second batch of recruits this yearAll 11 ropeway operation and maintenance personnel have arrived on duty。In order to enhance the new employees' corporate identity and sense of belonging, promote everyone to integrate into the work team as soon as possible and realize their own value12月1日至On the 4th, the ropeway operation Department of Hubei Tourism Corporation actively carried out induction training for new employees。

Before the training, the company's deputy general manager Yu Hui expressed a warm welcome to the arrival of new employees, and hoped that everyone would require themselves to meet strict standards, see more, learn more, ask more, practice more, do more, and enhance the sense of responsibility and honor。Get familiar with the equipment as soon as possible, integrate into the collective, master independent operation skills as soon as possible, and lay a solid foundation for obtaining the special equipment operation certificate in the future。



Training period,Yin Guoxun, deputy manager of ropeway Operation Department, taught the new employees the knowledge of safety production management, safety production laws and regulations, and safety production case analysis related to the special equipment industry;Department senior supervisor taught department responsibilities, labor discipline and ropeway operators related operating procedures;The safety officer of the ropeway operation Department gave a field lecture on the use of labor protection supplies。All the staff visited the station equipment of Enshi Grand Canyon ropeway and the equipment debugging site of Enshi Grand Canyon Ground cable car project, which will be put into operation soon。


This training specially invited cableway equipment manufacturer France POMA company after-sales service department electrical engineer Zhang Gong, mechanical engineer Cui Gong to all the technical personnel of the operation department to do a comprehensive system of technical training。