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"Party flag leadership, responsible tourism investment, listing benchmarking team building" - Hubei Tourism Shares opened the second stage of training in winter 2020
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Since January 7, the second stage of the winter training activities of Hubei Tourism Shares in Enshi Grand Canyon Daughter Village Hotel kicked off, the company's Enshi area in addition to the duty staff, the rest of the staff participated in the scene, Yunzhonghu ropeway branch staff participated in the training through video。

This stage of training lasted for one week, mainly management knowledge, focusing on the improvement of comprehensive quality and ability, covering advanced typical sharing, internal training lecturers and practical training and other links。


Tan Guiying, a national model worker, shared her own growth, struggle and innovation processA tour guide in the Enshi Grand Canyon scenic area, she has integrated everything into the mountains and become the Enshi Grand Canyon this countryThe guardian and disseminator of 5A scenic spots。Her story is inspiring and inspiring, and the spirit of model worker she shows encourages every employee of Hubei Travel Shares to gather strength and forge ahead。


The national women's achievements model, the general branch secretary of the Party of Hubei Travel Shares, general manager Xu Jun from the continuous improvement of political skills, constantly improve the practical ability of work, effectively strengthen the construction and cultivation of personal style, consciously prevent the risk of clean government four aspects,To jointly build the comprehensive quality of state-owned listed enterprises employees as the topic,Gave you a lively lesson,And shared the experience of studying in Germany。She points out,As an employee of a provincial state-owned enterprise,Under the leadership of the Party Committee of Hubei Tourism Investment Group,Everyone in their respective positions to perform their duties, for their own and family happiness at the same time,It is also fulfilling the political, economic and social responsibilities of state-owned enterprises,These three responsibilities require us to cherish the present, self-improvement, and skills。She stressed that in the context of the new journey of the Group's second entrepreneurship, all employees should learn, learn, and learn again, and constantly empower themselves to be strong enough。


The company's internal training lecturers also made special explanations on going out to visit, learning and training harvest, production safety, human resource management and other contents。




Theory is the forerunner of action, practice is the source of understanding, and actual combat is the best exercise。Training period,The company leader leads the team,All trainers wear gloves,Pick up a shovel, broom and other snow shovel tools,Deep in the scenic area to clear the road snow,Practice the social responsibility of employees of state-owned enterprises in serving the people and solving problems,Do both work and study,Both inside and outside repair double lifting,Really turn theory into practice,Build a listed compound talent team。