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 Hubei Tourism shares held the party history learning education reading class
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June 21-23,The General Party Branch of Hubei Tourism Group held a party history learning education reading class,The theme is "Passing on the Red Gene.,Gather striving force "practice activities,By setting up "practice class", "research class", "literature class",In the form of "red day reading" to find the party history, "concentrated follow the class" to learn the party history, "rediscover the classics" to understand the Party history,Carry out a series of learning and education activities with prominent themes, diverse forms and rich content,Enriched the "sense of experience" of Party history learning and education,Promote the company's party history learning and education to improve quality and efficiency。

The reading class "practice class" went to Xuan En County "Banliyuan Great Victory Monument", walked the "Red Army Bridge", listened to the red story of "Banliyuan Great Victory", presented flowers to the "Banliyuan Great Victory Monument", the new party members solemnly swore before the monument, the old party members reviewed the oath to join the Party, and accepted the revolutionary traditional education。