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Women's heart to the party's new journey of struggle - Xu Jun was invited to participate in the "100 most beautiful family words red family style" story propaganda activities sponsored by the provincial Women's Federation
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On June 30, sponsored by Hubei Provincial Women's Federation and hosted by Enshi State Women's Federation, the story of "100 most beautiful family words and red family style" was preached into Enshi and Enshi State's "Loving mothers pair to care for left-behind children" activity was held in the conference hall on the seventh floor of Lanning Hotel in Enshi。Xu Jun, secretary of the General Party branch and general manager of the company, was invited to participate in the activity as a "national women's achievements pacesetter" and "Hubei Province 38 red flag bearer", and made a speech on the theme of "Brave standing at the top of the tide, and then build new achievements"。

She has closely followed the pulse of The Times and bravely established the market tide,Grasp the development trend, continue to write the travel investment chapter,Take up the heavy responsibility of listing, and create a new historical glory three levels of their own position,The story of a successful career,And from the need to always maintain the spirit of self-reliance, to correctly deal with the relationship between family and business and to follow the pace of the development of The Times to express the true feelings of the heart。She said that in the future, she will be more strict with herself, in the new development stage, the implementation of the new development concept, and the construction of a new development pattern, be a good pacesetter and red flag bearer, and drive the sisters around her, in order to consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation, achieve rural revitalization, and build a fulcrum for Hubei Province, walk in the forefront, write a new chapter, and create new achievements。

She expressed her thoughts and thoughts in plain language,It is full of positive energy in society,Touching and inspiring,It shows the spirit of self-respect, self-confidence, self-reliance and self-improvement of independent women in the new era,It encourages more young people to innovate and work hard,To make an effort to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。