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Adhere to the guidance of Party building and ensure safe production -- Yunzhonghu Ropeway Branch held a special meeting on safety production
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On June 29, Yunzhonghu Ropeway Branch held a special meeting to convey the spirit of learning the safety production meeting of Hubei Tourism Shares, and deployed the current safety production work and party building work。All employees of the company attended the meeting。

Convey the spirit of learning the safety production meeting of Hubei Tourism Corporation

At the meeting, the spirit of the safety production conference of Hubei Tourism Shares was conveyed and learned, and the thematic party class content of Xu Jun, secretary of the General Party Branch of Hubei Tourism Shares, was "Accurately grasp the general trend of cultural tourism Development, Carefully contribute better life experience service", and the key work of the next stage was arranged and deployed in combination with the actual situation of the company。

Learn the subject of Party class of Xu Jun, General branch secretary and general manager of the Party of Hubei Travel Shares

First, work safety should be implemented as a political task。Work safety,At no time should we relax or become careless,All members should raise their political position,Firmly establish a sense of safety responsibility,Earnestly fulfill the responsibility of production safety,Early prevention,Check carefully,Nip security risks in the bud,Ensure effective management and control of major risks,Ensure the company's overall production safety situation is stable;Second, we need to base ourselves on extreme weather,Take precautions。Anticipate in advance, plan as early as possible, strengthen daily inspection and inspection, and strictly implement the leading cadres to the post and lead the shift24-hour duty system, increase supervision and inspection work, report the inspection situation from time to time, and promote the implementation of the work;The third is to strictly enforce discipline rules and consciously enhance the awareness of discipline rules。All employees, especially Party members and cadres, should always put discipline and rules in front, take the lead in strictly observing political discipline and political rules, adhere to the "bottom line", do not cross the "red line", and do not touch the "high voltage line";Fourth, we must do our job well and actively take responsibility for our work。It is necessary to fully understand their role positioning as employees of state-owned enterprises, based on their own positions, the courage to take actions, improve service awareness, improve service quality, and do a good job in tourist reception。