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Hubei Tourism Shares held the 2021 legal work promotion meeting
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The year 2021 will be an extraordinary year, with socialism with Chinese characteristics entering a new era, companies entering a new journey of reform and development, and enterprises entering a new stage of law-based governance.At this critical time,On August 17, Hubei Tourism Group held the 2021 Legal Work Promotion Meeting through the "online + offline" approach, and the company's leaders, middle-level and deputy positions, heads of various departments, sub-companies and employee representatives attended the meeting。

本次会议以习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为指导,We will thoroughly study and implement the principles of the 19th CPC National Congress and its plenary sessions,Conscientiously implement the Notice of SASAC of the Provincial Government on the Formulation of the Three-year Action Implementation Plan for State-owned Enterprise Reform and the three-year Action Implementation Plan for State-owned Enterprise Reform of Hubei Tourism Investment Group (2020-2022)。Comprehensively summarize the main achievements and valuable experience of the legal risk Control Department in the first half of the year, make arrangements for the development of the main tasks of the next legal work, and sound a new clarion call for the construction of legal work in the new era。

At the meeting, General Counsel Koya reportedCompany legal affairs in the first half of 2021,Under the leadership and support of the General Branch of the Party of Hubei Travel Shares,Around the year-round legal work requirements,Take the initiative,Continuously strengthen compliance management and ensure compliance operations,Constantly adapt to the company's public listing, business marketization, operation rule of law, management compliance needs,To ensure the steady and orderly progress of all legal affairs。同时,Actively reflect on some deficiencies in legal work,The work plan for the second half of 2021 will be fully deployed,We will further strengthen the construction of a system for the work of the rule of law,Continue to improve the general counsel system,Coordinate the revision of the Compilation of Management Systems,We will implement the Constitution and the "Eighth Five-Year Plan" publicity campaign for promoting the law,Strengthen the training of legal personnel,Enhance the ability to prevent legal risks。

General Party branch secretary, general manager Xu Jun stressed in the summary,Promoting the governance of enterprises according to law is an important part of improving the modern enterprise system,The company must strictly adhere to the bottom line of compliance,The four-fold guarantee mechanism is formed through the company's general counsel, legal risk control department, listing intermediary team and external legal counsel,Keep the bottom line of lawful and compliant operations。