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Hubei Tourism shares held the mid-year business work
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8月17日,Hubei Tourism Shares will hold the mid-2021 business work in the form of "online + offline",Party branch Secretary and General manager Xu Jun attended the meeting and made a speech,Zhang Xuejun, deputy secretary of the General Branch of the Party and deputy general manager, presided over the meeting,Company leadership,Middle-level cadres,Responsible person of each department and sub-company,Employee representatives and all employees of urban organs participated。


Enshi city main venue


Grand Canyon branch meeting

The meeting focused on conveying the Hubei Tourism Investment GroupIn the spirit of the half-year work meeting in 2021, the company reported on the construction of key projects, the company's operating conditions and the listing work in the first half of 2021。



Xu Jun pointed out that under the correct leadership of the group in the first half of the year, with the strong support of brother units and group departments, the shares of Hubei Travel are one mind to the groupThe task of "four breakthroughs" and "seven one" is the action guide, and the strategic goal of "main business on the main board" has been earnestly implemented, and the work has achieved good results。一是"A blueprint" guides new breakthroughs in development二是"Ten ways" to do a good job in the study and education of Party history;三The "three teams" worked together to overcome difficulties四是The "three bottom lines" hold the line of safe development。

Xu Jun analyzed the current situation and favorable conditions, and asked the company to adhere to the leadership of the group Party committee, focus on the annual work goals, strong and weak areas to make up for weaknesses,First, it is necessary to further strengthen the party building of state-owned enterprises, second, it is necessary to further strive to win the main board listing, third, it is necessary to further innovate the development model, build sustainable development capacity, and fourth, it is necessary to further escort and uphold the three bottom lines of law and regulations, safe production, and Party conduct and clean government。