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Consolidate the business foundation, improve the work ability of Hubei Tourism Company Yunzhonghu ropeway branch to carry out special training
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In order to create a high-quality professional team, recently, Hubei Tourism shares Yunzhonghu ropeway branchThe "classroom teaching + on-site practical operation" method has carried out special training for all employees of the company, consolidating the business foundation and improving the work ability。

本次Training continuity5 days, by the head of each department respectively taught, the training content involves the company's management system, document writing, document processing, safety production education, special equipment skills operation explanation and guidance, personal income tax settlement mattersSmile service etiquette, laws and regulations, Party history learning and other aspects。


▲ Technical operations department to carry out electrical system training


▲ Technical operations Department to carry out a brief classification of rescue tools and the use of precautions in the process of training


▲ On-site practical operation explanation



 ▲ On-site practical operation explanation

▲ Planning department of finance to carry out personal income tax settlement and settlement training


▲ Comprehensive office to carry out service etiquette training


▲ Comprehensive office to carry out safety education and training


▲ Organize to watch the red film "The Founding of the Party"

During the training process, the students have strict discipline, study hard, consult humbly, and show a good spiritual outlook。After the training,Everyone said,Through this systematic training,Benefit oneself greatly,Not only improve the ideological understanding,Clear job responsibilities,Improved business skills,And broaden the way of thinking about work,Especially when it comes to dealing with field accidents and machine failures,A lot of inspiration,Learned a new way,In the future work, we will strengthen our strengths and make up for our weaknesses, and seek innovation and change,Continuously improve work efficiency and enhance company image,Promote stable, healthy and sustainable development of enterprises。

next,Yunzhonghu ropeway branch will continue to take professional ability improvement training as the starting point,Focus on the needs of the company and the expectations of the employees,Carry out regular training,Effectively improve the professional ability and comprehensive quality of employees,To achieve the company's production and management objectives,Build a good team to lay a solid foundation,Help Hubei Tourism to achieve the main board listing goal