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The 2021 Appreciation meeting and 2022 policy conference of Hubei Tourism Corporation and Enshi Grand Canyon were successfully held
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On December 31, the 2021 Appreciation Meeting and 2022 Policy Conference of Hubei Tourism Group and Enshi Grand Canyon were held at Movenpick International Hotel in Enshi。

The appreciation party

Relevant leaders of Hubei Tourism Group and Entourism Group attended the thank-you meeting。The relevant persons in charge of the scenic spots and hotels of Entravel Group and representatives of nearly 100 travel agencies in Enshi Prefecture participated in the thank-you meeting。The meeting was presided over by Li Dongzhou, member of the Party Committee and deputy general manager of Entravel Group。

Li Dongzhou, member of the Party Committee and deputy general manager of Enlv Group, presided over the thank you meeting

Tian Kewei, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and general manager of Enlv Group, delivered a speech

Chen Shixiong, Chief Financial Officer of Hubei Tourism Group, delivered a speech

At the meeting, Chen Shixiong, member of the General Party Branch and Chief Financial Officer of Hubei Tourism Group, expressed his gratitude to the leaders at all levels, travel agency peers and people from all walks of life who have long supported the development of Hubei Tourism Group。He introduced the development history of Hubei Tourism Group, saying that Hubei Tourism Group has always insisted on allowing tourists to enjoy the better life brought by science and technologyFour years of development, has become a foothold in Enshi, layout of the province's cultural tourism industry rising star。Since 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic has had a great impact on the entire cultural and tourism industry. With the strong support of Hubei Cultural and Tourism Group, Enshi Municipal Committee and State Government and various departments, ETOURIST has achieved good business performance against the trend of growth, and all financial indicators have reached the standards of listed companies。After the successful listing of Etourist shares, it will achieve the breakthrough of "zero" listed enterprises in Enshi Prefecture, and further promote the development of tourism industry and economic transformation and upgrading of Enshi Prefecture。

He said that in the New Year, the shares of Hubei Tourism will continue to consolidate together with Entourism GroupChannel cooperation, close communication with travel agencies, mutual support, help each other, share common prosperity;We will continue to promote the upgrading of service facilities in scenic spots, improve the quality and efficiency of service to customers, and provide high-quality, safe and thoughtful service to tourists。Hope to continue to polish Enshi tourism golden signboard, for the development of Enshi Prefecture"Big tourism" and "big industry" contributed to the strength。

Hubei Tourism shares for policy release

2021 EnLV Group excellent strategic cooperation award

At the meeting, the scenic spots, hotels and tourism fleets of Etourist and Entravel Group issued detailed sales policies for 2022, and introduced the research projects of Entravel Group;The 2021 Strategic partners were awarded。Subsequently, representatives of the major travel agencies in Enshi Prefecture and Hubei Tourism Shares,Entravel Group scenic spots, hotels signed on the spotThe 2022 Cooperation agreement establishes the relationship of win-win cooperation and development in the coming year。

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