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The Grand Canyon Division of Hubei Tourism Corporation launched the "National Security Education Day" learning activities
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In order to solidly carry out the national Security Education Day publicity and education activities, improve the national security awareness of state-owned enterprise employees, enhance national security responsibility, and promote enterprise safety production work, April15On the same day, the Grand Canyon Division of Hubei Tourism Group organized a special learning activity on National Security Education Day。

Special study meeting, concentrated on watching"Overall security, Gubenning State" 4.15 National Security Education Day special program education film。事业部总经理王海领学了习近平总书记关于总体国家安全观和国家安全工作的重要论述,并结合当前工作,就贯彻落实总体国家安全观,扎实做好事业部的国家安全工作提出了具体要求。

Through concentrated learning, employees have a deeper understanding that national security is the prerequisite for the survival and development of the country and the basis for people to live and work in peace and contentment, and realize the rich connotation and great significance of adhering to the overall concept of national security and safeguarding national security。"Establishing a national security concept and safeguarding national security is the unshirkable responsibility of every citizen, and as a Party member, we must play an exemplary role in leading the way.。Probationary party member Tan Yang sighed after watching the mission film。

After the meeting, the cadres and workers successively went to the ropeway square4.15The National National Security Education Day propaganda display board content was re-learned, and many tourists also stopped to watch。Through the implementation of the activities, everyone has a new understanding of national security-related legal knowledge and theoretical concepts, creating an atmosphere for the whole people to learn and widely publicize。

2022415Today is the seventh National Security Education Day for All, with the theme"Firmly establish the overall national security concept, understand the national security achievements in the new era, and create a good atmosphere for the victory of the Party's 20th Congress."。This theme education activity adheres to the overall national security concept as a guide, vigorously propagandises and popularizes the historic changes, historic achievements, and valuable experience accumulated in national security in the new era, and strives to promote the security concept to be deeply rooted in people's hearts and take root。

The Grand Canyon Division leadership team, department heads, senior executives and some employees participated in the learning activities。